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Man Utd Double Winner: Chelsea ‘Strong Enough’ For Quadruple

Manchester United legend and Stoke City boss Mark Hughes has declared that Chelsea can win the quadruple if they keep up their current performances.

The ex-Man Utd man faces off with Chelsea tonight in the Premier League, and goes into the game knowing that only one team have beaten the Blues this season – Alan Pardew’s Newcastle United.

This initially led to suggestions, prior to that defeat, that Mourinho’s team could replicate the feat of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team and go an entire season in the Premier League undefeated.

However, with that loss, discussion has instead changed to the idea that Mourinho’s team could be devastating on all fronts and win an unprecedented quadruple.

While there is a significant chunk of the season left to go, it would not be surprising to see Mourinho lead his team to an unbelievable success like that.

Hughes himself believes that Chelsea possess enough quality to manage it.

He said: “You just sense their belief in what they are doing seems stronger than it has in recent times. It wouldn’t surprise me if they won all four.

“They are strong enough.

“Adding to the squad has taken them to a different level from last year

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t believe in-house that they could do it.”

“They have players who are used to winning and who expect to win every game they play.

“Once they get to a point in the season, maybe not as we stand now, but certainly towards March or April, it could be on.

“Obviously Jose leading them must help. They do get into the mindset that they feel they can win every game.”

On This Day: 22nd August 2012


In a shocking moment that has rocked the world, Mark Hughes OBE has gone against grain and decided to use significant amounts of money from the pockets of a foreign tycoon to purchase players he has presumably only ever seen on Sky Sports. Eschewing the modern manager’s delusional willingness to scout players from places that aren’t directly available on a convenient box on a weekly basis, pointed out as being of a decent standard by a series of ex-professionals, most of whom have failed as managers, Hughes has instead chosen to rely on the understanding that if he’s repeatedly heard of a player, he’s probably good.

Hughes, famous for his ruthless scouting endeavours in last year’s capture of 2004’s Djibril Cisse, has reportedly reacted badly to the idea of his team losing 5-0 against Swansea, a team who had the gall to sign an attacking midfielder who has never even played in God’s own Premier League. The manager is delighted to finally be able to implement his defensive blueprint on a team that featured a mere four Mark Hughes signings out of a possible five in the backline.

And so it has come to this. Hughes has agreed a double deal for Michael Dawson and Ricardo Carvalho with their respective clubs, guaranteeing that the Queen’s Park Rangers would have probably been quite a decent side if they played in 2007, back when Carvalho wasn’t 34 and Michael Dawson was a prospect and not a possibly injured cast off from Chief Executive Technocrat Andres Villas-Boas’s revolutionary revolution at the Tottenham Hotspurs.


In another move that goes completely against the grain, Sunderland, purchasers of Titus Bramble, Wes Brown and John O’Shea, part of Steve Bruce’s attempts to assemble the world’s slowest defence, have decided to splurge a large load of fun-bucks at the feet of the nomadic Wolverhampton Wanderers in exchange for Steven Fletcher. Relegation’s Fletcher is set to be a key asset in Sunderland’s now presumed battle against relegation.

Neil Lennon has stated that Celtic’s European Tie is not over, despite the first leg victory over Helsingsborg. Showing the sort of ability to point out the obvious that will serve well in a one-team league, Lennon is planning to follow up his clarification that two-legged ties involve more than one match with a thesis that humans need to eat food, the sky is blue and that Andy Reid is slightly portly.

Danny Welbeck has agreed a new four-year deal at Old Trafford, during which time he will probably be loaned out to whichever former Ferguson charge gets a Premier League managerial post next. Welbeck, who said that “playing for [Endorsement] United is all I’ve ever wanted to do” has apparently been guaranteed at least four starts in the League Cup each season from 2014 onwards, after his club recruit another twenty-seven strikers ahead of him.

Chief Executive Technocrat Andres Villas Boas has proven the difference between him and football’s favourite son Harry “we all love him, honest” Redknapp by signing Emmanuel Adebayor, who returns to Spurs an entire three months after last playing for them.