Man Utd Buy Could Cost Liverpool Their 19 Year Old Starlet – reports

Liverpool’s young star Raheem Sterling has been targeted by Real Madrid for a potential move when the transfer window reopens, as reported by the Daily Star.

The move could be funded by the money the Spanish club have received from the transfer of Angel Di Maria, meaning that fierce rivals Manchester United would contribute directly to the loss of a talented young forward.

The huge fee paid by Man Utd was seen as significantly inflated, and it now seems as though without the £59.7 million fee paid, Real would not have thought to target Sterling.

This is an issue for Liverpool, because the Anfield club have not signed Sterling to a new deal since he emerged as one of the best players in the Premier League.

He is on only £30,000 a week, which is a small sum compared to his teammates and what Real could offer him.

This is part of Brendan Rodgers’s policy regarding young talent.

The manager has said in the past, regarding Sterling’s contract situation: “When you reward young players too quickly – Raheem’s still only 19 – you give them too much too early and that will be their downfall. It’s a big problem because they lose their hunger.”

As a result, the young star is reportedly being targeted by Real, who could significantly increase his wage packet.


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