Man Utd Set To Seal Signing Of 27-Year-Old Midfield Dynamo – reports

Having been given a financial boost in their end of year accounts, Manchester United are set to confirm the acquisition of oft mooted transfer target Arturo Vidal ahead of the January transfer window, as reported by The Metro.

Man Utd spent heavily this summer in an attempt to arrest the slump suffered last season under David Moyes, and despite significant additions in the centre of midfield, it seems that they remain interested in Vidal, who is regarded by many as one of the best central midfielders in world football today.

There were question marks over his knees ahead of the new season, although these fears seem to have been somewhat assuaged in the past few weeks.

With a record turnover of £433 million now confirmed in the club’s accounts, Louis van Gaal has been given a license to spend again, and with personal terms already agreed with Vidal, only a fee needs to be discussed with Juventus and the club will be able to secure his arrival for the beginning of 2015.


23 thoughts on “Man Utd Set To Seal Signing Of 27-Year-Old Midfield Dynamo – reports”

  1. Utter tosh, no chance at all Man U pay for a player that is then free to play for Juve for the next 3 months and get injured, especially with Vidals injury history of late.
    At least make some new rubbish up, appears you’ve not even got the brains to do that!

  2. Every person above me is not a real Manchester United fan. ……I’m sick and tired of reading comments from supposed fans refering to Manchester United as “Man U” …… If you were real fans ranter than Internet fools with a semi concept of English you would know you do not say Man U

  3. Never ever claimed to be a Man U fan you presumptuous prick. And I’ll place a bet now that I know more real fans than you have ever come across.

    You know what really annoys me, ‘real’ fans that think watching their team on the telly constitutes being no. 1 fan, or yapping on forums instead of going to games, what does the stretford end look like? No idea? Thought so…

    Concept of English, give me a break, utilising English slang does not make an inferior comment, is that the best you have? If I were you I’d be more worried how United (if you had ever been to the city, you would realise that there are only really 2 Manchester clubs, and they are City and United, no one from the place refers to the club as Manchester United/ city locally) are going to stop the ball going into the net, as the defence is shocking!

    Take your presumptions and shove em, for it is you sonny that has proved he is no ‘real’ fan, as you clearly have never ever been to a game!

    And to the other joker that gets annoyed at Man U, read your own comment you twit, if you are going to criticise, then at least change the sodding name of the city to Manchester rather than leaving it at Man United, blithering fool.

  4. Man with concept of English says ‘ranter’ when should have said ‘rather’

    Maybes you need to re-assess your grammar before criticising others.

    Make a fool of yourself often?

    Have you ever thought other people in the room are laughing at you? They probably are by the way…

    The only thing that truly qualifies any of you as Man U fans (see what I did there?) is that the only place any of you have ever seen them is on the telly, and in England, that is commonly know as a glory supporter, and is not good!

    Get a grip, and support your local team, you pack if sheep!

  5. Gotta agree with CRAP TALKER on some things concerning real fans,however,i dont agree about our defence,our start isn’t great but it’s early days and you have to be honest and say utd have got some team now,and now shaw and Rafael are fit and rojos got his permit,then put blind in the mix and we HAVE a defence..back on top soon

  6. who has ever see God but it doesnt stop u from worshiping seeing utd in telly should not be a factor. as to ‘man utd’ or ‘man u’ shoulnt be a problem the important thing we must go bach to where we belong. wining titles.

  7. Calling others all sort of names, methinks, isn’t the best for a passionate “MANCHESTERISTA”. NO ONE IS PERFECT, GOD ALONE IS. It might be that some fans aren’t aware that referring to the club as “man u” is an insult, so I suggest that, rather than exchanging words here, why not just educate those that are ignorant of it….it speaks much better for Man Utd fans. God bless all of you fans..We’re back, via the grace of GOD……..

  8. Paul, Blind has stated he signed to play DM, and Rojo is an unknown quantity. So far, jones and Smalling are not anywhere near world class, Evans is shite and shouldn’t be anywhere near the 1st team, Shaw will be the best lb in Europe in a couple of years, but I think there is an equal chance that he will be a left midfielder or even a winger in that time to. So yes, the defence is a major worry. The lack of a powerful and commanding centre half is sorely missing from the teams I have seen over the years.

    And Ibrahim, comparing the worship of god to a football team is just sad, get a life, it’s just a game played by spoilt brats that couldn’t give a shit about the people that pay their wages I.e. YOU. Save your worship for your family.

  9. Ayila, if I wanted to insult, I’d have referred to your club as Manure, bloody hell, grow up.

    To quote a great film ‘sticking a feather up your butt does not make you a chicken’
    The analogy being for all you glory supporting wannabe clinger ons, buying a shirt and then bleating on constantly on websites about your ‘love’ for this club is boring, but you do prove one thing right, from Manchester – support city, never ever going to go to a game,may as well support Utd. So cliche it’s pathetic!

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