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Leeds United: A Failed Season?

Tonight’s result summed up a lot about this season for us. There’s a problem with the reaction to it on both ends – it is neither a good result nor a bad one. The reality is that a draw away at Leicester is the norm for Leeds United, and that is what is not good enough.

The reality is Neil Warnock was brought in with a singular task, which was to get us promotion from The Championship back to the Premier League. The Warnockasaurus has prowled the touchline for 18 months now, doling out mid-table results in often unpalatable tablespoons. We’ve started to play a bit better, but the results haven’t improved – since we’ve sold Becchio we’ve picked up 9 points from 18, the very definition of middling.

What do we lack? A goalscorer for one, and we sold him mid-season. That alone isn’t acceptable, you shouldn’t have to replace your top scorer halfway through a season. Morison has not proven himself in that regard. Given their two records, for the run-in Becchio was always going to be the better bet. We were in the stronger position, 18-months left to run on his contract and at a club he clearly loved playing for – we didn’t have any reason to kowtow to player power and sell him.

The play-offs should not have been the aim this season, it should have been carving a path through the league, as it always should be until we get promotion. Sorry to make an obvious point, and one that will surely get me criticism, but we’re Leeds United and we’re the only professional club in the third largest city in the country. We have a global fanbase and traditionally one of the largest followings in the country. We may have fallen but we still deserve better. Until we get a manager who provides us the Premier League, we have every reason to tell them it isn’t good enough.

For that reason, and as things will probably fall from now until May, it has to be looked upon as a failed season thus far.

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