Former Leeds Utd Star Doubts Liverpool’s £16m Addition

Former Leeds United promotion winner Chris Kamara, famed for his appearances on Soccer Saturday, has cast doubts upon Liverpool’s £16 million signing Mario Balotelli, suggesting that the player is detrimental to the club’s preferred system, as reported by the Daily Star.

Balotelli moved to the Anfield club as a replacement for Luis Suarez towards the end of the transfer window, joining them from his boyhood club AC Milan.

It was noted at the time that the Milan club did very little to keep hold of a player whose arrival from Manchester City had been heralded heavily at the time.

There have been significant doubts over Balotelli’s suitability for Liverpool, both in terms of temperament and footballing talent, although it is accepted that he is a good player who has performed inconsistently over the years.

Kamara, however, does not believe that the striker is the right man for the team, and that his signing could have been a negative.

He said: “Liverpool have sold Luis Suarez and have subsequently lost a bit of that total football they had last season, certainly in the last couple of games.

“The silky passing and movement that was on show before has seemingly deserted them.

“But both sides are under equal amounts of pressure, especially when you consider the number of goals Everton have conceded in their opening games.

“One other topic of conversation that has come up frequently is Liverpool¹s purchase of Mario Balotelli and how effective he can be for the team.

“On the face of it Balotelli doesn¹t look like a Liverpool player. The one thing Rodgers demanded from Suarez and Daniel Sturridge was absolute movement.

“Balotelli stands still more than he moves around so Liverpool are having to get used to him, he¹s not having to get used to them.

“That¹s a problem in itself. Whether Brendan is happy to accept that, I don¹t know, I’m not in the dressing room,” Ladbrokes ambassador Chris Kamara said in his weekly blog

“At the moment he¹s still a class player but the system that Liverpool have got suffers when he¹s in the team.”


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