Sacked Leeds Chief Has “Never Seen Morale So Low Anywhere”

Graham Bean, who was sacked from his key role as a football administrator at Leeds United today by owner Massimo Cellino, has revealed that he has never seen morale so low anywhere in his career, as he posted on Twitter.

The former Football Association compliance officer has said that he attempted to get the staff a pay rise from Cellino, who simply answered no.

Bean has also reported that the staff have not had a pay rise in four years, and with many of them having been dismissed this summer, Bean was keen to get them onto a higher financial packet in an attempt to improve the situation.

He said: “Last week me and FD tried to get the staff a pay rise as they’ve not had one for 4 years.

“The answer was a single unanimous NO. Staff need lifting badly…….u can’t fault their efforts – but nver seen morale so low anywhere (sic).”

Word from the club suggests that Bean was sacked for failing to notify Cellino over a fixture change in the summer months.

This will see Leeds take on Reading on Wednesday before facing Sheffield Wednesday at 12.15 next Saturday, something that the Leeds owner is said to be unhappy about.


20 thoughts on “Sacked Leeds Chief Has “Never Seen Morale So Low Anywhere””

  1. If the staff dont like it find a job elsewhere leeds utd need to live within their means . Ps moral has never been higher in the stands for 10 year so go trash another team and leave leeds and massimo alone MOT

  2. morale was bloody high in the south stand on saturday and by the loks of it on the pitch too.

    the guys just bitching because he got the sack for caving into the football league and lumbering us with congested fixtures

  3. “Oh dear Jay, you’re obviously not in a management role!”

    And neither is Mr Bean. His prompt, unprofessional tweets can only prove Cellino was right to dispense of him.

    Losing £1M a month and he thinks it’s a good time to broker a pay rise. Back to the FA for him I guess. Somewhere where he will surely be over qualified.

  4. We do not know the ins and outs of what has gone on, but LUFC is a business and has to live within its means we are on the verge of a very exciting time for the club. For the first time in years i feel positive about the future MOT

  5. Obviously mr Bean must be the brother of Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson), and before he decided to bow down to pressure from our lovely friends at the football league, and was so obliging. He made such a big decision on his own without the knowledge of anyone with any authority to approve the rearrangement of the game. Obviously he did not look at the fixture list or television schedules for live games involving Leeds United. Why should we have moved the fixture, we have possibly given advantage to both Reading and Sheffield Wednesday, who at the moment are two of the teams we will want to take the points of, and with the waMr Bean has decided to change our fixture list without any authority, surely if he did not have the authority then it should be put back to the original date and time. No authority should mean that the fixture cannot legally be altered as no one available that day had not received instructions to sign on behalf of Leeds United, to change the fixture. Please do not allow the football league to dictate anything to Leeds United. Any request that the football league may need Leeds United to be party to, should be double checked to make sure you are and do not find the club in breach any rules that the football league find us to be in. But all of this is not a binding agreement for the fixture change, as the person who agreed did not have any authority. It do so, Mr Cellino I hope that you will be as polite to the football league and tell them that what they have agreed is not valid, so you will now be taking the stand and telling them that They are not fit and proper to be in charge of the football league. Shaun Harvey I wonder if you believe in Karma, I and thousands of other Leeds United certainly do now, not fit not proper, the football league do not even know how to spell fit, and proper, none of you are seen as fit and proper, you are as bent as the boomerang that doesn’t come back, and bent like the Australian Rolf didgeridoo Harris.

  6. So some office based guy none of us have ever heard of gets sacked then moans and it’s news?

    We’re not famous anymore, come on boys another three points today please then even the haters may shut up.

    Massimo Cellino can be nuts but ironically most think he is the first non crooked owner we’ve had for years. Certainly the first to not steal our money and bank it in some tax haven

  7. Good posts apart from the idiots like Elbluvis and Mitch. Especially True is the last paragraph by Counte.

    MOT shoulder to shoulder

  8. I haven’t had a pay rise myself for 3 yrs but having seen the number of redundancies across all sectors this last 2 yrs I am just happy to still have a job.

    Very few people are receiving rises at this time, it is simply the way it is and as someone rightly pointed out, for a business losing £1m a month, can you blame them for not offering rises.

    Also, would be a kick in the teeth to those laid off if they hear their colleagues are receiving pay rises when them themselves were laid off as part of a major cost cutting exercise!

    Get with the times Bean.

    In Cellino I trust….. Mot

  9. And my nomination for twitter tweet,twat of the week ,goes to the ousted mr bean..ex LUFC.

    What a pure undiluted,carrot crunching,tree hugging,knob jockey!!

    All the country is low paid mr bean!! Wake up and smell the coffee

  10. Note to idiot sub-editor: not even in his wildest dreams does Mr Has-Bean merit the description “Leeds Chief”. The “Sacked” part is spot on however.

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