Shock As Van Gaal Considers Letting Record Breaker Leave Man Utd – reports

Manchester United are reportedly considering letting Juan Mata depart as a makeweight in their attempted bid for Netherlands midfielder Kevin Strootman, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

Strootman is a long term target of Van Gaal’s, and the midfielder is clearly one of his favourite players in that role, considering the fact that he rejigged his entire tactical philosophy prior to the World Cup after Strootman suffered an injury.

Van Gaal is now considering letting Mata join Roma in an attempt to tempt the capital city club into approving a deal for Strootman, who the manager wants to sign in January.

Roma are thought to want Mata on a temporary basis on loan, with an option to sign him permanently at the end of the season.

While Juventus are also interested, Mata’s goalscoring display today may cause Van Gaal to reconsider.

Juventus are willing to pay £20 million for the Spanish international.

Mata’s £37 million transfer fee last January was a record breaking transfer for the Manchester club, although they have since shattered that by buying Angel Di Maria for £59.7 million from Real Madrid.


21 thoughts on “Shock As Van Gaal Considers Letting Record Breaker Leave Man Utd – reports”

  1. This would be the most stupid move ever. You could see how good UTD were against QPR with Di Maria, Herrera, Mata and Blind. I was shocked when Mata was replaced by Falcao and Rooney went back in the hole. Rooney is not a no 10 and Either RVP or Rooney should have come off for Falcao and although this cannot happen but Kagawa would have fitted in perfectly in a 4-4-2 diamond. What a joke if mata is use to get Strootman. Just get Strootman on his own but keep Mata. It was a bad decision to take him off yesterday

    1. Pls Sir Alex and Ed Woodward should please step in to this situation I think it is no longer funny,Mata must not leave Manutd, the guy is a united player true and true,what else do you want from him ? he scores he assists,when the strikers are not doing there job he tried his best for the squad, at least give him a full season to be able to access him properly please don’t sell Mata we love him he is a good addition to our Team

  2. I FULLY agree with both of you. I’ve been raking my brain wondering how I’m going to help this situation out. Selling Mata would be just as bad as the Pogba issue. See the thing is I’ve read about how LVG is Strootman’s biggest fan so I do believe he just might let Juan Mata go for Kevin Strootman.
    I’m very happy with what LVG has done with the team, he’s sold most of the dead wood but it has to be said and known the Juan Mata is no dead wood. Don’t sell Mata!! What will he do when we go back to Champions League and he’s sold a Champions League winner for his golden boy. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have Strootman at ManU, but selling Mata isn’t something that needs to be entertained. I would cry.
    Because I know if we have Angel Di Maria, Juan Mata, Kevin Strootman AND Mats Hummels Manchester United could and would win the Premier league and Champions League Double.

  3. This is retarded. Strootman is NOT a number 10. We just Kagawa to make Mata our undisputed no. 10 and we have Januzaj as backup. No way we are swapping him for a box-to-box/defensive midfielder. Rooney is not a no. 10. either. This is just ludicrous.

  4. hhow could u sell a player like mata who is not an injury prone like strootman just because u wants strootman?how many times do u loose a mata for an injury major or minor for a whole season?if u cant buy strootman then forget it,we have jones 2 play that position 4 for us.

  5. pls caution januzaj very well not be greedy,we in nigeria wanted radamel the terminator to score yesterday but the little lad wasted two great opportunity that facao would have make use of,but anyway congrat to all manchester fans all over the world,i love manutd

  6. You people are crazy saying rooney isnt a number 10 get real, Mata does deserve a full season but there was a reason Chelsea sold him he is lazy!! Would like to see him stay need to up his work load, rooney could drop into mf but wont n strootman will be great if he has recovered from his knee injury, it just sounds with most of these comments that you dont watch the gamea just the highlights!!

  7. To me selling juan matta would be as bad as the case of pogba which united are suffering from today. If LVG must sell, while not sell fellani instead of matta. Another thing is that, does in mean dat LVG can not do without his fellow country men or players.

  8. pls LOVG if you venture sell Mata,you will regret dis,we d fans are here begging you in the name of GOD .keep mata he is a wonderful player,the no !0 that we the fans knw,but come to think of it.LVG are you in ur rightful senses at all?hw can you ever think of selling mata,dont b stupid about dat ok p0ls wake up and stop behaving unprofessional<hw can you just put up dis when you have fellani to sell you are there planning to sell mata<if you sell mata then you are the most stupid and unprofessional couch<i am disappointed at you LVG.sorry to say that

  9. this is not funny @all, i think mata is still one of the best attacking midfielder in the world and in united right now, strootman is only an holdin midfielder, so why dose he want 2 sell mata. Pls l v g. Leave mata and sell anderson and bring a defend pls. Tanx

  10. Why must lvg think of selling mata despite his performance on the pitch these days? If u need strooman go for him that doesnt affect mata.pls van gal dont make an ever regrettable mistake that will make all fans turn their back agains you. More over must you put all your men to dominate Man United? Vanpasie played rubbish 2ruout sunday match yet you allow him for the whole 90 minute and removed mata for falcao that was why falcao could not make a goal bcos no one to assist heriera to create chance again after dimaria and mata has been removed.

  11. Pls Lvg,can u talk to Januzaj to stop playing like a kid? He has d dribling skill,create chances but failed to release ball to whoever that is the position to score the ball.Pls warn him about his selfishness.Thanks. Up United,,,,,,,,,,,,……….

  12. Oh big boss! What is your criteria for identifying players? Mata is a lethal weapon that shd b retained @ o.t. Pliz lvg, as fans, we know mata so well. 4f u must bring strootman by so terminating 1 of man united players’ services, pliz u have young, fellaini and carrick. Use them to meet your desire but let mata 7tay. He 4s fantasti!

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