Chelsea Seek To Tempt Key Arsenal Target Out Of Move – Reports

Jose Mourinho has told Arsenal target Sami Khedira to ignore Arsenal’s overtures this summer and move to the Stamford Bridge club on a free transfer next summer, as reported by the Daily Express.

The signing is utterly dependent upon Khedira not moving away from Real Madrid this summer and not signing a new deal with the Spanish giants.

While Wenger reportedly fell out of interest in Khedira last week, further suggestions came out over the weekend suggesting that a move could still be on the cards for the German midfielder.

The World Cup winner’s contract expires at the Santiago Bernabeu at the end of the coming season and they are not particularly keen to see him depart on a free transfer next summer.

Their problem is that contract discussions have fallen apart between the two parties, and Real could be forced to let him go for a smaller fee if they want to see any return on their investment.

Mourinho has reportedly assured Khedira that he would find a place for himself at Stamford Bridge next season, if he chose not to move this summer on in January.

If Real are forced to sell him on the cheap and avoid losing him next summer, it could yet benefit Arsenal, despite Chelsea’s interest.


5 thoughts on “Chelsea Seek To Tempt Key Arsenal Target Out Of Move – Reports”

  1. Morinho is inviting players to come and eat free money which he did not help the owner of Chelsea to invest because it is oil baron money, that is why he is instigating players not to join Arsenal. l only pity this man with his act of greediness and hatred. Remember, you will chased out of London because of your dubious way of doing things against other coaches this time around.

  2. and i just thought you idiot . is your major share holder not a Russian oil baron ? still being a gooner you probably don’t even know that ,because your to fixated by my club and if you do before you shout he is not the major share holder i know that, but when he does take over your club will you still be crying your nasty green eyes out ? if he starts to by players.? it’s shite talk all clubs have only ever won titles because they buy the best players. so no different to us. try and show more intelligence than the bloody scousers for christ sake. rant over. good luck for up coming season and in that remark i’m being genuine. think about what i have said, all clubs buy titles

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