Leeds United: ‘Lasher’ Lorimer claims Robbie Rogers timed coming out for own benefit

At a Lorimer’s Bar event tonight, Peter Lorimer has claimed that Robbie Rogers timed his coming out to coincide with the launch of a new clothing line. Lorimer’s comments, also suggesting a belief that Rogers had been advised to do so, have been met with outrage from Leeds fans across Twitter.

The news was initially broken by attendee @lozziej, who said that Lorimer was “claiming Robbie Rogers came out as gay to get publicity for his new clothing line”. This has been confirmed further by other tweets from others in attendance.

Lorimer, an ex-Leeds legend and current holder of the goalscoring record at Elland Road, has been criticised significantly over the last few years by Leeds fans due to his association with the unpopular Ken Bates regime. A director at the club during Bates’s spell in charge, Lorimer has done little to ingratiate himself to those who used to love him, agreeing with the ex-Chelsea chief’s policies in-spite of criticism. He also famously encouraged Simon Grayson to sell now-Norwich player Luciano Becchio before criticising the ex-Leeds boss after the manager was sacked.

Here is a selection of responses from Leeds fans on Twitter:

“@Ken_Demange: Is it really acceptable for Lorimer to slur Robbie Rogers, claiming his ‘coming out’ was for publicity purposes?”

“@JamesLUFC: “Lorimer at it again. What a knob.”

“@ClaireHeeley: Lorimer…wanker”.

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19 thoughts on “Leeds United: ‘Lasher’ Lorimer claims Robbie Rogers timed coming out for own benefit”

  1. has lorimer said anything that any of us haven’t said, or thought, ourselves?

    a previously promising mid 20’s footballer comes out of the closet and wazz’s his failing career down the swanny in a blaze of worldwide media publicity at exactly the same time he brings out a range of up market designer men’s clothing.


    get over yourselves. there’s some right bloody hypocrites professing to be “outraged of Leeds”

    1. You mean Robbie Rogers who already had a clothing line before coming out, is doing work experience at a magazine and has done nothing in the way of interviews etc about coming out?

      Get a grip, I’m a Leeds fan but it doesn’t excuse Lorimer essentially accusing another human of exploiting a huge life event for personal and financial gain.

      1. he announced it on twitter for gods sake!

        if it was a private and personal
        thing then why put it on a public forum?

  2. robbie did nowt for leeds, lorimer loads, lets face it most uk blokes is homophobic, just wish rodgers had been as good for leeds as lorimer, sexuality irrelivent, come on leeds

  3. Lorimer is and will always be a legend, so called Leeds fans having a pop at him makes me sick. I don’t care what Rogers is or does and i wish him well but lasher is a top man and is probably right in what he says.

  4. it comes to my mind too that on the one hand the club are trying to encourage young fans to attend with ticket offers, which was such a success at half term. It was fantastic to see so many new young fans turning up and I have talked to a number of people who are using the offer to introduce their kids to Elland Road.

    On the other hand you have an outdated out of touch man that has not kicked a ball for 30 years making comments that can help to continue to taint the reputation of Leeds United. Would you want to bring your kids to a place that is seen as homophobic from the boardroom down???

  5. Lorimer was an amazing player for us but he is now tainted with Bates’ time at the club and now offensive comments about someone who has been nothing but honest.

    Oh and to reply to an earlier comment that all men in the UK are homophobic…..maybe you and your mates are. Not where I come from……….its people like you that would have been happy to see jews going off to the gas chambers

  6. who cares ???? Robbie Rogers geezers………so what?????? In the stream of all things LUFC his contribution will go down in history as zilch…..zero….nowt at all…………Lorimer on the other hand is a LEGEND end of!!!! Bradz…. we aint homophobic… a phobia is a fear… we don’t fear bummers… we just don’t like what they do…..

  7. we aint homophobic… a phobia is a fear… we don’t fear bummers… we just don’t like what they do…..
    It isn’t nowt to do with you what a person does in their privacy. Some people are gay, it’s natural and it doesn’t matter whether or not you ‘like’ it. You’re a fucking idiot basically that you can even say you’re not homophobic but then use ‘bummer’ in the same sentence and say you don’t ‘like what they do’.

    Why are you so obsessed with what a gay person does? Seriously, doesn’t affect you in any way. You have absolutely noting to do with it. It shunt bother you, the fact that you are actually thinking about it suggests you have some deeper feelings about it.

    You’re an absolute moron. Sort yourself out man.

  8. You know what it’s like these days with all these bleeding heart journalists. Free speech as long as you say what they want you to say. Make a harmless comment they don’t like and all of a sudden your racist/homophobic/sexist/whatever evcen if it’s true. So then he can exploit his sexuality but nobody has the right to say he has donr it. Don’t make me laugh.

    1. spot on pal…… i get sick and tired of all these so called ‘minorities’ pissing and moaning about how badly done to they are……You try organising a straight pride march, or a white music awards, or a white history month or such like…. BIGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is what they would shout from the rooftops…..

  9. yes I know there was a couple of typos in the above. I’m a welder not a secretary, get over it or are you spellists

  10. What a bitchy thing to say Peter. Is there something you’d like to tell us? Perhaps you could explain the real reason you were given the name “Lash”? Is this not proof that Bates and Lorimer are a ventriliquist act? Bates has promised to keep Lorimer in beer if he does as he’s told. Disgraceful.

  11. Good luck to Rogers in his future, but why was Lorimer even talking about him in a public forum? Was Peter responding to a question from the floor, or was he just making cheap jokes at the expense of a bloke who wasn’t there to defend himself?

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