Minnows Tipped To Face Chelsea In The FA Cup, Will It Come True?

Blyth Spartans manager Tom Wade has admitted that he is dreaming of a clash against Chelsea in the FA Cup third round.
The north east side managed a 2-1 win against Hartlepool in the second round, giving them the opportunity to draw one of the huge Premier League sides who enter into the draw with the coming of the third round proper.
Wade has more reason to hope for a tie against Chelsea, however, after a prescient fan predicted the clash.
The ‘old lady’, as Wade calls her, also predicted Spartans’ progression to this point, and the results that they would achieve.
She capped it off by predicting a game against Chelsea in the third round.
As to whether Wade would want to face Chelsea is another question entirely.
While they lost 2-1 to Newcastle at the weekend, that was their first loss in any competition since April.
Jose Mourinho’s side remain comfortable favourites to win the Premier League, despite no longer chasing Arsenal’s famous Invincible crown.

Wade, however, believes he has fate on his side.

“I tell everybody about this story and nobody believes me,” Wade said.

“It was after we beat Skelmersdale United and before we played Mickleover Sports in the third qualifying round and an old lady came up to me in the car park and told me that our results in the Cup would be 2-1, 4-3, 4-1, 2-1 and Chelsea.

“There have been times when I thought I might have dreamt it — I had a couple of beers that night — but I told people what she’d said and she’s been right on four results before the games were played. Some people think I’m crazy or I might be psychic. I might be speaking to ghosts. But if we draw Chelsea in the next round I’ll play the game and then pack in. That’s as good as it gets.

“I wish she’d given me six numbers between one and 49 as well.”



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