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‘Beast’ FA Cup Opponent Speaks Of Awe For Liverpool Skipper

AFC Wimbledon striker Adebayo Akinfenwa has spoken of his pride at playing against the team he supports in Liverpool last night, a game which saw him net, as reported by LiverpoolFC.com.

He also specifically spoke of the level of awe he felt at sharing a pitch with former England captain Steven Gerrard.

The Liverpool captain was dominating in his display last night, scoring a brace and almost single handedly ensuring Liverpool’s progression to the fourth round of the competition.

He is set to move to Major League Soccer at the end of the season, ending his time at Anfield, and ensuring that he doesn’t end his career as a one club man.

Akinfenwa was incredibly keen to acquire Gerrard’s shirt at the end of the game, something he managed.

He also had an impact on the pitch, scoring an equalising goal after poor defending from Liverpool from a set piece.

Akinfenwa was keen to speak about his pride at playing.

He said: “I can’t put it into words – it’s a dream. I’ve been a Liverpool supporter since I was five years old.

“To see the likes of Gerrard and [Martin] Skrtel and the whole of the Liverpool team and to score against them, it was written in the stars and I can’t put it into words.

“We watch these players every Saturday. These are players we look up to and who we aspire to be. Every single one of us are waiting there to get our shirt signed by them.

“When the game was on, they were just players and we wanted to win the game. But after the game, reality kicks in and these are Premier League players. Throughout my career I’ve watched these players.

“So we’ve got the whole team out there – we’re taking pictures and we’re taking selfies. I’m not going to lie – it is what it is. It’s a surreal feeling and something that doesn’t come around much for us. We’ll embrace it today and tomorrow it will be forgotten and we’ll go back to normal life.”


“I got myself a selfie with Mario Balotelli and Brendan Rodgers. The big man, Steven Gerrard, hasn’t come out yet, but if he tries to run, I might have to put him in a headlock so I can get a picture with him.

“I think he threw his first shirt in the changing room, so I was about to grab him, but he told me he had another one in the changing room for me.

“Everybody knew. I put the word out – stay away from Stevie Gerrard’s shirt, because it’s mine. So hopefully he will sign it for me and it will be a good end to the day.”

4 Reasons Why Liverpool Struggled Against AFC Wimbledon, Feat. Dodgy Keeper

Liverpool travelled to AFC Wimbledon last night in the FA Cup, and emerged from the tie with a 2-1 victory against the League Two side.

Were it not for their captain fantastic Steven Gerrard, however, they might have lost the tie.

The veteran midfielder, who is set to leave the club at the end of the season and move to Major League Soccer, scored the first goal of the game.

Wimbledon then equalised through behemoth Adebayo Akinfenwa, who exploited some dodgy defending from a set piece.

It was up to Gerrard to rescue the tie, and Liverpool’s frequent hero bent home a free kick from just outside the area to send the Reds through to the fourth round of the competition.

Given the relative quality of the opposition, the Anfield club will need to improve in the next round if they want to make any sort of impact on England’s most prestigious cup competition.

Here is why they struggled:

1. Simon Mignolet

Something terrible has happened to Simon Mignolet. He’s bereft of all confidence, and can’t seem to make a correct decision to save his life.

His choices from set pieces last night were particularly poor. He didn’t come for the ball when it was necessary, and came when it wasn’t.

If he keeps up these displays, there is no way Liverpool won’t bring in another keeper in January.

2. Rickie Lambert

Okay, this one isn’t really Lambert’s fault. The Reds struggled to get the ball up to him, and he was forced to drop deep repeatedly to come get the ball.

That shouldn’t be his job, and hinders his ability to impact the game at the end of the pitch that he is at his best – the opposition’s. Liverpool need a goalscorer, and asking him to spend so much of the game away from the penalty area seems a shame.

3. Javier Manquillo

The Atletico Madrid loanee looked relatively solid in defence, but when attacking, he caused his own side problems.

There were a number of times when attacks down the right broke down after the young star passed the ball directly to a Wimbledon player.

However, it was a one off, and he is still developing, so it seems unfair to judge him too harshly on this display.

4. Adebayo Akinfenwa

Nicknamed “The Beast”, this brute of a striker caused the sort of trouble you’d expect to the Liverpool defence.

Time and time again he won the ball in the air ahead of Liverpool’s defenders.

His display served a lesson to the managers of Liverpool’s Premier League rivals – even three centre backs from their stable can’t deal with the presence of a strong target man.