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How to protect a term paper

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The whole life of the students consists of lectures, sessions, exams and coursework. The main challenge in the delivery of the course is not just to write the text of a written work, the right to issue it, but to protect her before the Commission of teachers. This is why course work is a laborious work of a student who requires a lot of knowledge, skills and time. But the difficulty is that not every student knows how to protect course work, and this is one of the most important moments, which is primarily assessed by the teachers.

Preparations for the defense of the course work

The defense takes place in front of the attestation Commission, which evaluates the result of the work of the student. You must write a speech (don’t need to read their course instructors – should take the most important from the text) and to prepare visual AIDS, charts, graphs, tables. It is important to note that the story must fully comply with the allowances.

The second nuance – to prepare for the protection of the student can prepare more than one month. After allot of research topics, only the main points and briefly to outline them in his report is not as easy to read a lot of sources. And you need to present only the key points, because the statement usually allocate no more than 5-10 minutes. In such a short period of time is impossible to summarize the voluminous text.

Thus, the protection of the course work is a short concise summary of your research. To get the highest score, you need to prepare in advance a speech. How well-written it depends on the success of the project.

How to prepare a speech

No clear requirements to the text of the speech no. It is written in free form “for themselves”. The student must make to start the plan and then complete each item brief. Plan of the speech:

Entry. In this part you need to make a greeting for the certification fee and be submitted, such as first-year student, faculty of Economics, F. I. O.

Theory. We need to talk about the research problem, object and subject , how relevant is the subject to enumerate a list of questions that are answered by the text.

The main part. Here you need to briefly describe all the chapters, key terms and key points. On this part you must allocate the greatest amount of allotted time.

Conclusion. After full disclosure of the topics we need to conclude and to summarize their research .

In conclusion, I must say that the report is finished, and the members of the certification Committee may ask the student questions.

Approximately so should look like the defense of the course work. The student is required to memorize all his scientific work, but easy to navigate in the text, he obliged. So you need to repeatedly work through the entire speech.

Keep in mind that it must be no more than five pages of text. If the student is not enough time allocated to presentation of a course work, teachers may not accept his research. And if it is too short, then the essence of scientific work will not be fully disclosed, and such work teachers will not also be accepted.

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