Revealed: Football fans are broadly optimistic

With summer upon us, most football fans are starting to think about next season, and whether their club can achieve their goals next time around.

Most clubs, it has to be said, don’t do anything of note in any given campaign. We therefore thought it’d be interesting to find out whether most football fans think next season will bring about more joy for their side.

We put out an appeal on Twitter for responses to a survey, and fans were incredibly quick to respond.

The results

Looking at the data, what this revealed is that most football fans are generally quite positive about their next campaign. This makes sense, otherwise they wouldn’t keep attending.

However, surprisingly, the difference between fans who are excited and fans who aren’t isn’t that great. This might, in part, be due to the increasing discrepancy between those who can achieve, and those who can’t. Many fans are increasingly overwhelmed by the idea that their club will never do well, which explains some of the responses.


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