Top 6 Ways To Follow Leeds United Over The Summer

So here it is, merry summertime. Once again, Leeds United seemingly enter the summer months with little in the way of cohesiveness, plan or any idea of where it’s all going.

Yesterday, owner Massimo Cellino returned from his ban by holding a press conference. Scheduled to start at 2pm, the conference ran until 3.30pm, leaving the newly appointed executive director Adam Pearson around 30 minutes late for a meeting with Andrew Umbers.

The presser itself was staggering. Cellino held court, replying to each question with an extended metaphor. At one point, he left the room to go for a cigarette break, putting Pearson on the spot only days after joining Leeds.

With the press conference only available live to those with an LUTV subscription, many were left to follow it on Twitter. Crazy events like this aren’t to be missed, however, so here’s the top six ways to follow Leeds over the summer, when anything can and probably will happen:

Top 6 ways to follow Leeds United this summer:

Phil Hay

It’d be a shock if you were a Leeds fan and didn’t follow Phil on Twitter. Phil is the Yorkshire Evening Post’s chief football writer, and if you want the Leeds news first, there’s few better than him. His weekly column, ‘Inside Elland Road’, is always a good read too.

The official @LUFC account

A bit of an obvious one. If you want confirmations on transfers involving players you’ve never heard of before, this is the account to follow this summer. Remember to check out the replies whenever something terrible happens.

Moscowhite’s weekly column for The City Talking

Under-appreciated, Moscow is probably, pound for pound, the best writer on Leeds United out there. And I’m not just saying that because he’s a thin man.

In another life, he’d be sat in a bar somewhere in Madrid, writing books about old men and the sea. Sadly, he’s been captured by Leeds United and it won’t let him go. Expect metaphors that take you about a minute to understand, but really make sense when you actually get your brain box in motion.


The brains behind Footballers with Boobs, which you might remember as that thing which became inexplicably popular around this time last year. Funny guy.

Adam Pope

Adam is BBC Radio Leeds’s man at Elland Road, and if you prefer your news in audio format, he’s your man. Popey, as he’s known colloquially, also seems to have heard about a few takeover approaches that seem to be afoot, so might be the best man to follow for news about them.

Okay, so listen, I say this with the greatest of caveats behind it. Waccoe can be a terrible terrible place. There can be polls that make no sense, there are about 400 gimmick posters, and people nearly get into fights every day. On the other hand, some of the funniest Leeds content comes out of there.

ToeNailSoup is still lurking somewhere in the waters of Waccoe, and TNS is the man who (in)famously called Massimo Cellino in the middle of the night a year ago and received the best interview he’s ever given. TNS also tends to step it up another notch when the summer rolls around, and if you want the funniest moments of the pre-season period, being on Waccoe is always a good idea.


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