£16m Liverpool Summer Signing Could Leave In Jan Swap Deal – reports

Sampdoria are keen to bring Liverpool misfit Mario Balotelli to Serie A in the January transfer window, with the potential of them offering the Reds goalkeeper Sergio Romero in a swap deal to secure the striker.

Balotelli has struggled since his arrival at Anfield, and has not scored in the Premier League, having signed for the Merseyside club for £16 million towards the end of the summer transfer window.

Brendan Rodgers has also repeatedly admitted that Balotelli does not fit into a high intensity system in recent weeks, with intensity being a key element that Liverpool have tried to reintroduce to their game in recent weeks.

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly unclear as to why Liverpool made a move for Balotelli in the summer, given that the manager does not rate him particularly, and has said he will likely be a substitute going forward.

Sampdoria are keen to exploit this lack of certainty over his future and place in the side by capturing him, according to The Guardian.

A move back to Serie A could appeal to Balotelli, and Liverpool would like be happy to receive a goalkeeper they have an interest in in Romero as exchange.


9 thoughts on “£16m Liverpool Summer Signing Could Leave In Jan Swap Deal – reports”

  1. For Gods sake don’t let the man go until you play a formation that will suit Balottelis game..If Sturridge wasn’t injured for so long now no one would be pointing the finger at him.He plays his best football with two up front where he can work with his fellow Striker..A inform Balotelli is world class so people should think hard and long before they want him out..Sturridge and Balotelli as Strikers ,Sterling Lallana and Coutinho would be a deadly formation ..When Liverpool signed Balotelli I said back then that this was a magnificent signing and that he and Sturridge would work brilliant together .Unfortunely Sturridge has missed 90perc of the year .Balotelli has been played
    The lone Striker and anyone who understands the game properly would no that not all Strikers can play that roll..I hope Balotelli is given a proper chance at Liverpool to prove himself and to shut all these morons up who think he’s a waste of money…

    1. you are deluded climb back into what ever hole you came out of. And its Balotelli btw, I suggest you also learn how to spell retard. That ass clown Balotelli never suited our system he was a panic buy because we had no other strike options. Even if Sturridge was fit Balotelli still wouldn’t suit our game as Liverpool are high intensity pressure which Balotelli is not never has been and never will be

  2. dude it is very clear to me tt u dn’t know balotelli, he needs to be played as a second stricker and him and sturidge will be a good partnership, everyone has a style of play tt he lykes to play and from day 1 rodgers knew tt baloteli isn’t good at wat he want him to do, if you saw the game against toyenham you will realize wat im talking about he linked very well with sturidge,for me when balo play as a second stricker he is phenomenal hope he will be given the chance to play with struridge again and lets hope BR wont make a big mistake of replacing him with tores, tores is worse than ballo

    1. Bance, we are not going to replace him with Torres that’s you buying into the nonsense that has been relayed online on various portals, sites looking for traction on non stories so they can increase readership and visitors. It amazes me that people can not see what even Stevie wonder can see…it doesn’t matter if Sturridge comes back from injury and plays up front, Balottelli still won’t suit the Liverpool way of playing he doesn’t have that energy. And on top of that what Liverpool needs in a striker is 15 plus goals and 5-10 assists in the league alone which Balo as you put it isn’t capable of. If Napoli or Forentina offer 13 mil take and run let him be someone else’s problem. You can also see on the pitch that the other Liverpool players have no respect for the ass clown Balottelli. He is a virus and or cure is to sell him in this window….

  3. I would likely to ask Br to give this great player time because it still the beginning.no child is born and started working

  4. am still surprise you guys are still talking about our game style which style are u guys talking about that I don’t know.since Rodgers came he has been talking about he’s system and all the players he bought are never delivering Moreno was the only player we taught was good out of those he bought but now Moreno himself is now a bench player meaning now he himself doesn’t fit his system.in conclusion its Rodgers who doesn’t fit out system and he should be fired period

  5. Hilarious messages from all these Italians Posting about how England’s finest should play Balotelli.

    Balotelli is s decent footballer limited by an obvious lack of mental ability. Unfortunately, he’s a prima Donna like a lot of other Italian players. He will never make it in the prem or fulfil whatever potential he may have because he’s s brainless, lazy buffoon

  6. Mihailovic has worked mediocre or promising players into a challenging team to breakdown this season. Gabbiadini, Okaka, Obiang, Soriano, Romangoli, Mesbah, Silvestere – all have prospered under Mihailovic’s “Dont play, you get dropped” philosophy. This could or probably would not work with Balotelli – but the manager would know how to slot him into a proper role – he’d have Torres scoring goals again! Samp & Genoa, unlike all the top European sides have a hunger this year.

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