Arsenal Boss Admits Defence Don’t Talk To Each Other And Lack Leaders

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for more leadership to be displayed by his players after seeing his side collapse to a 2-2 draw against Liverpool at the weekend.

The Gunners have struggled since the start of the campaign, with attacking talent being let down by poor defensive displays elsewhere in the team.

The likes of Alexis Sanchez have been carrying the team to results at times, with the suggestion that there is little chance of the team keeping a clean sheet.

Arsenal fell three goals behind against Stoke City prior to half time, and despite the north London side scoring two goals after the break, they lost the game.

Wenger was then abused by his fans on their way back to London, which shows the pressure on him.

He’s looking for leadership from his players going into the festive period, with the hope that senior players can help the rest of the team get better results.

He also admitted no one in his side talks enough.

He said, regarding Liverpool’s late goal: “Mertesacker gives his best and on the corner it is more organisational and collective problem, because nobody really talks.

“They should, yes. Of course it’s important to have someone organising.

“Sometimes it’s just one yard forward or backwards that makes a difference. You want somebody to take the leadership there.”


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  1. This is not a new problem, as far as am concern. a coach mention in the same category as morinho should be able to envisage and device a means of dealing with some of the critical issues holding back the team over the yrs, how could he not drill the importance of communication into the team the past few league campaign and how on earth can he come and tell us the danger of over playing Calum chambers? Shouldn’t he have a plan of how to protect this young talented teenager by making sure he gets the right personnel to fill that position after TV was sold? Some of his alternates baffles me. Does this guy know what he is doing anymore?

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