How Cellino Can Carry On Owning Leeds Utd In 2015

Massimo Cellino has been sensationally banned from running Leeds United today, which could bode incredibly badly for the Yorkshire club, given his financial commitment.

However, there are systems in place that would allow Cellino to keep running the Whites going forward.

While the prevailing theory among fans has involved Cellino handing the club off to his son Edoardo, who is a director of the club, the Football League have previously made veiled references to the fact that they would not be fooled by that.

Either way, should Cellino be permanently disqualified, he would not be allowed to be a shadow director, for example one with a monetary influence over the club.

Instead, there is one method by which he could retain control.

Cellino will almost certainly appeal the decision by the Football League.

His conviction will also be spent by 18 March 2015, when he would be allowed to own the club again.

If the Football League’s decision goes through the appeal by Cellino, he will have 28 days to resign his position.

This means that he has to stretch the appeals process out until the last week of February, because if he can, whichever way the decision goes, he will be able to keep owning Leeds United.

There will be no way, at that point, for the Football League to force through his removal prior to the date at which point his conviction is spent.

Those Leeds fans who support his regime will be hoping that this will be the case.


4 thoughts on “How Cellino Can Carry On Owning Leeds Utd In 2015”

  1. The football league cannot ban Eduardo from being a director. Nor can it ban other influential members of the Cellino family from being on the board. He should step down until his conviction is spent and save himself a load of trouble. Let Eduardomand othe family members take over. Cellino should spend his time getting forensic accountants to examine the books of other clubs and get people on the inside to uncover tge dirt on tge bent, unscroupulous ones. The whole thing is a joke! The FL are a joke with no integrity.

  2. The FA are a bunch of two faced hypocritical cretins. You only have to look at the slimy Shaun Harvey who has the gaul to declare an interest and distance himself from these procedures, what a pathetic parasite.
    Put the FA alongside Fifa and and you quickly realise just how much the whole footballing empire stinks. As usual its the fans who get kicked in the teeth and treated like s**t

  3. The most obvious problem with today’s decision has nothing whatsoever to do with Massimo Cellino, and everything to do with several people who are happily getting on with the business of running various football clubs whilst at the same time carrying the burden of shady dealings which you might – on today’s evidence – have expected to disqualify them from their football activities.
    Step forward, for instance, Carson Yeung of Birmingham City. Except Carson cannot actually step forward very far, because he’s languishing in a 12′ by 12′ cell somewhere in China, guilty as charged on five counts of money laundering amounting to somewhere in the region of £55m. Or there’s that nice Mr Owen Oyston, of Blackpool FC. He’s a convicted rapist who did time for his crime and will be on the Sex Offenders Register for evermore – but the League have cocked a deaf’un to the misdemeanours of both these men. Oyston’s son Karl, incidentally, was on the League panel which ruled on Cellino today. His rapist dad remains a director and majority shareholder at Blackpool, a matter which apparently tasks the gentlemen of the League not one jot. I wonder how Karl kept either of his faces straight?
    Add to this little hymn to venal and otherwise dodgy behaviour the less than appetising track records of various other owners around the League; men who veer just the right side of criminality, but whose conduct in office would surely cause raised eyebrows in a responsible governing body. There’s the porn barons Sullivan and Gold at West Ham United. Assem Allam at Hull City who wants to re-name his club Hull Tigers, and who advised supporters chanting “City Till We Die” to go ahead and die as soon as they liked. There’s Vincent Tan at Cardiff City, who has ridden roughshod over the history and tradition of the Bluebirds by making them play in red, who wants his ‘keeper to chip in with some goals and who will hopefully suffer a deserved relegation for sacking the manager who gained Premier League status for him and appointing an inexperienced nobody.
    It’s not really that impressive wherever you look around the League – and yet the complacent Burghers who serve on panels such as today’s are blind to it all, blind to everything except their overweening need to find some reason – any reason – to disqualify Massimo Cellino. They eventually got him on a matter of unpaid tax on his yacht, “Nélie”, for which he was heavily fined and had the boat confiscated. But there’s neither rhyme nor reason, there’s neither logic nor consistency in the League stance, not given the context of the case and the precedents set by the ongoing acceptance of some of the bad boys mentioned above

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