Racism Storm Leeds Defender WILL Start Against Wolves

Leeds United defender Guiseppe Bellusci, who has been at the centre of a racism storm since the club’s clash against Norwich City on Tuesday, will start against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday, as reported by Adam Pope of BBC Radio Leeds. 

The Italian star has been accused by Cameron Jerome of using racist language against him during the clash.

The two had a series of incidents in the first half, and Jerome informed referee Mark Clattenburg about the alleged issue.

As a result, Clattenburg spoke to both managers before restarting the match.

The two got involved with each other once again, with Jerome seemingly knocking into Bellusci in an off the ball incident before being yellow carded.

However, it has since emerged that Bellusci allegedly used racist language to Jerome.

The Football Association are now investigating.

Despite this, head coach Darko Milanic has confirmed that the centre back will play against Wolves at the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Racism Storm Leeds Defender WILL Start Against Wolves”

  1. Cameron Jerome is acting like a idiot its wrong for any footballer to try to get another footballer in trouble with the F A. grow up Jerome and stop moaning about rubbish your the one in the wrong running to the ref.

  2. For every alleged racial abuse, I should imagine there are about 100 per week which go un-reported. It would appear that the hatred against Leeds United is still alive and kicking. This case with Jerome and Bellushi will come out as one mans word against another as there seems to be no witnesses to the alleged abuse. Does Jerome speak Italian ??? Has Bellushi merely repeated an English expression which he does not understand what it means.
    Will there be a fair result of the investigation by the FA. I dount it.


  3. If the supposedly racist remark was indeed what is being reported (negro), it isn’t even racist, a tad unwise perhaps, but it is definitely not considered a racial slur in England. It is also not considered racist when spoken in Italian unless it is used with a clear offensive intention (which in this case, Mr. Jerome would probably argue it was). I think Bellusci should probably apologize for any offence taken but insist none was intended and if Mr. Jerome accepts that should be the end of the matter. Any other outcome would be a clear indication of what Leeds fans already know to be the blatant anti Leeds United agenda perpetrated by the football league and the gutter press.

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