World Class Defender Sensationally Rules Out Man Utd Switch

Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels has denied any interest in a move to Manchester United, confirming that he has no interest in moving away from his current club at all, as reported by the Daily Star.

Hummels spoke to the press earlier this week, showing a perspective unlike the majority of modern footballers, expressing his desire to remain with Dortmund for the entirety of his career.

In fact, at odds with the rest of the footballing world, he expressed simply that he earns enough with the German giants, so has no real reason to leave, having progressed significantly while playing for BVB and believing that there is still more to achieve with the club.

Hummels has been consistently linked with a move to Man Utd since the start of the summer window, and he was thought to be a key target of Louis van Gaal’s heading into January.

He has denied any interest in a move however, saying: “It’s nice to hear that big clubs like that are interested in you.

“I take that as a compliment. But it doesn’t influence me in any way, otherwise. We earn enough here in Dortmund.

“There will always be someone who can pay more than BVB. But Dortmund have made a lot of progress during my time here.

“In any case: I believe that it’s enough for me. If one day I start thinking about playing abroad, money won’t be the reason. But I don’t even think about that at the moment. We still have so much further to go here.

“There are some [who stay at one club for their whole careers], and they are all really great players. Paolo Maldini of Milan, for example, or Steven Gerrard.

“I would have been so happy for him if he had won the championship with Liverpool. [Lionel] Messi always plays for Barcelona. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Müller, too, will perhaps play in Munich for ever.”


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