Former Kop Hero: Criticism Of 34-Year-Old Liverpool Star Is Wrong

Former Liverpool favourite Jamie Redknapp has panned the criticism of captain Steven Gerrard, saying that the midfielder should not be blamed for the side’s indifferent start to the new season, as reported by the Daily Express.

Having conceded a late equaliser against local rivals Everton in the Premier League on Saturday, the Reds have conceded nine times in the league.

Their indifferent start has also seen them lose to the likes of Aston Villa and West Ham, and there has been significant criticism of Gerrard as a result.

While he scored an excellent free kick against Everton, there are still doubts over Gerrard’s role in the side, especially given his age. He is now 34 years old.

However, Redknapp has defended Gerrard heavily in his weekly column.

He wrote: “I had to laugh this week when people started writing Steven Gerrard off.

“Liverpool have a few bad results and all of a sudden it’s his fault? Don’t be ridiculous.

“Gerrard has bailed his team out so many times and if there is a better player who can do that job for Liverpool then I’ve yet to see him.

“Yes, he will need to be rested at times but there’s a big difference between being rested and being dropped.

“Liverpool have lost Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge has been injured, so there are reasons why they are struggling. But it’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon and say people are finished. It’s just lazy.

“Ask any professional: would you rather play Liverpool with or without Steven Gerrard? There will only be one answer.”

Gerrard himself hit back at the critics after the goal on Saturday, saying that the questions over his performances have gone too far in recent weeks.


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