Man Utd Legend Criticises Wenger’s Use Of Arsenal Maestro

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has criticised Arsene Wenger’s usage of Arsenal star Mesut Ozil, saying that to use him on the left wing, as Wenger has been doing in recent weeks, is a waste of him as a talent, as reported by the Independent.

He also questioned the sensibility of his midfield selections, and says that it is incredibly clear to everyone that Wenger requires a talented holding midfielder who is specialised in that role, but the manager himself has not dealt with that.

Scholes’s most fierce criticism came against the use of Ozil, who won the World Cup with Germany this summer.

Ozil’s arrival last season was heralded as a changing point for Arsenal, when they could finally compete with the other Premier League big guns financially.

He has failed to impose himself on the league, however, and there has been some criticism. Scholes, however, believes that how Wenger is using him is all wrong.

The former Man Utd man said: “I admired Mesut Ozil as a player at Real Madrid but it is no use playing him wide.

“He is not interested in defending and he needs to be in the centre, among good quality players who get the best out of him.

“He has that languid style which makes it look like he isn’t trying.

“I am sure that isn’t the case but he is struggling to find his form and he is too good a player to waste.”



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