Arsene Wenger Blasts Arsenal Fans For Treatment Of £42m Star

Arsenal  boss Arsene Wenger has blasted his club’s fans for their treatment of his £42 million man Mesut Ozil in recent months, saying that there is nothing to blame a single member of the team for, never mind one individual getting repeatedly picked on by the fans, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

Ozil has become something of a scapegoat at the club, especially after the loss against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

However, this is the only game that the Gunners have lost competitively since the 1st of April, a record stretching back into last season, and Wenger feels as though it is excessive to blame the entire team for the perceived failure, never mind a single player.

Wenger said: “Why should he be a scapegoat? For what? We’ve lost one game since April 1. Let’s be realistic.

“We’ve come out of a very difficult preparation period with decisive games. We had very difficult games against Besiktas. I don’t know a scapegoat for what?

“They should not be concerned and just support him. I understand that you want your best players always to make the difference in every single game and we all go through period where we are a bit less good. You help.

“A club is a union between players, supporters and directors. You have to be united and sometimes go through periods together where it goes a bit less well.

“It’s a bit unfair because I believe that our offensive talents on Tuesday night were not in their best condition, and they couldn’t express that talent.

“On the other hand it’s post-World Cup. He came back on August 11. You know it takes a few months for them to get back to their best, that can happen.”

Ozil was a significant signing for the north London club, representing a new era in which they can match their rivals financially. Despite this, they have entered the new season with clear weaknesses in defence and midfield.


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