AC Milan Coach: Chelsea Mistreated £50m Hitman

AC Milan youth coach Stefano Eranio has said that Chelsea mistreated their £50m man Fernando Torres during his time at the club, with the striker having struggled during his time at Stamford Bridge, as reported by The Metro.

Despite it looking as though it would be difficult for Chelsea to shift the striker during the summer, Torres managed to confirm a two year loan deal to Italian giants AC Milan towards the end of the window, with the Spanish international accepting a pay cut in order to make the switch.

Eranio, who previously played for Milan as a winger, has stated that he feels the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho did not give the striker enough confidence to go out and perform on a consistent basis.

He said: “Torres is a very humble player, he has great technical and human qualities.

“In recent years he has not been in contention much and has spent a long time on the Chelsea bench.

“But he is like a car, he needs to play to find his form. He needs the confidence of the coach and to make the most of his surroundings.

“As a coach, I say that I would always want someone like Torres in the team. He arrives in Italy with great enthusiasm, and has specific characteristics that would suit Milan perfectly.”

Torres will be hoping to rejig his career after arriving in Milan, with few seeing him as the potent force that he once was. He has lost his place in the Spanish national side to new Chelsea signing Diego Costa.


One thought on “AC Milan Coach: Chelsea Mistreated £50m Hitman”

  1. You re talking trash, he was mistreated when chelseafc overlook buying of falcao in 2011 from porto for just 27m under avb, in 2012 Di’mateo also wanted to buy dsame falcao for 32m but chelsea still gave the floppy another chance, how abt allowing a legend like Drogba leave all for Torres to shine, and the lame walker couldn’t score goals in open play. It is easy to criticise but pls when u do, say it with all sense of maturity. Let’s see how many goals he is gonna bang for u dis season. 45goals in 172 appearances hmmm!

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