Failed Spurs Transfer Could Cause Axe To Fall – Reports

Tottenham Hotspur technical director Franco Baldini could find himself sacked as a result of the club’s failure to bring Danny Welbeck into the club on deadline day, with the former Man Utd star moving to arch rivals Arsenal instead, as reported by the Metro.

Daniel Levy, chief executive of the club, is said to be furious over the failed move from the Italian transfer wizard, and sees his ability to miss out on the England international, who moved to Arsenal for £16 million, as being worthy of the chop.

Baldini could now be sacked as part of a move by the White Hart Lane club to reshuffle the club’s back room staff before the January transfer window, with the hope that they won’t make a similar mistake again.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino had insisted on the need for a new striker at the north London club prior to the deadline, and it seemed as though Welbeck would be joining them on loan until Arsenal trumped them at the death.

Spurs now have only Emmanuel Adebayor, Roberto Soldado and Harry Kane as strikers in their squad.


6 thoughts on “Failed Spurs Transfer Could Cause Axe To Fall – Reports”

  1. Levy is the only one to blame–we knew we needed a striker, Welbeck should have been sorted way before the last day. incredible a top club is so badly run by a shocking chairman who is clueless!!

  2. The wine and dine high flyer is a total liability and its not only his poor effort to get Welbeck on board he has been a clueless plonker from day one and for Levy to blame him is people in glass houses can`t throw stones he fecking well brought him to WHL both should go now sell the club Lewis to a Zillion billionaire who will compete with Man City Chelsea Man Utd and all the rest of the big shots in Europe for as sure as day follows night Enic and Levy and Lewis can`t .

  3. Everyone knows that Levy is the main subject to blame ,he is just using Baldini as an excuse for his own incompetance for not signing a striker, even if we could not get Welbeck they should have have a 2nd striker lined up ie Bonny from Swansea would have made an excellent signing. Just wait as the season goes on and we struggle to score goals. What happens if Ade gets injured we have to rely on Soldado ( who is currently injured) and Kane which is quite scary. Daniel Levy should stop blaming everyone else for his managing of this club after all he is happy to pick up his 2.2 million every year . Top 4 this year no chance…

  4. Why on earth are you all so shocked that a stellar striker wasn’t bought during the transfer window? We all know that Spurs has been crying out for one for so long. When the club had the chance to buy Benteke, a fantastic player tried and tested in the EPL, they went and splashed out £26M on a 29 year old Spanish midget afraid of his own shadow. Defenders rub their hands and laugh every time he takes to the pitch. Adebayor, brilliant as he is, is suspect to mood swings on any given day and Kane is a novice that doesn’t fill me with confidence that he is the chosen one but hey, they all have two legs two arms and can kick a ball, that’s good enough for Levy. No one at the club will admit that a grave mistake was made in buying Soldado so it’s as you were. I’ve yet to see any proof that he will come good. Our once great club is run by complete and utter plonkers (I would like to use a far stronger word), even those outside the club know it. I’m really beginning to suspect that ENIC and Levy despite him wearing a Spurs tie on match days, are Arsenal plants sent to infiltrate and keep us supressed. To have financial stability is a great achievement which Levy and ENIC has provided in fairness and we also have a brand new state of the art training facility that’s the envy of most if not all but has the club really moved on football wise since these clowns took control in 2001? In my eye’s we have bounced from one season to the next with very little to be proud of. Sure Berbatov, Modric and Bale excited during their time at Spurs and we won the football league cup in 2008 however, the club has flattered to deceive for the most part and sad to say has become a laughing stock due to Levy and ENIC’s penny wise pound foolish dealings in the transfer market. I’m afraid that this will continue with these boys at the helm and will only change if and when they sell the club, fill their pockets and move on. Hopefully they will sell to a football mad zillionaire. We can only hope as all Spurs fans do.

  5. I doubt that Baldini would be sacked for not signing Welbeck who wanted to go to Arsenal and play in European Champions League football. Nor would he be sacked following the signing of so many good players by Spurs last summer and this summer in which he played so key a role.

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