Leeds To Turn To Record Breaking Italian Manager – Reports

Reports in the Italian press suggest that if David Hockaday is dismissed from his post as Head Coach of Leeds United, Massimo Cellino, the president of the club, will turn to Rolando Maran, as reported by Giampaolo Gaias of Sardegna Sport.

Maran has a relatively good record as a manager in the past, taking charge of Cittadella, Brescia, Bari, Triestina, Vicenza and Varese in Serie B.

He is most famed for his record breaking 2012/13 season in charge of Catania, when they managed 56 points from 38 Serie A matches, the most in the club’s history in the top flight. They also managed a record number of home wins in a single season and a record number of victories.

He was, however, dismissed in October 2013 after a 2-1 loss to Cellino’s former side, Cagliari, which left his team in the relegation zone.

Hockaday is under significant pressure after Leeds’s 4-1 defeat at Watford yesterday. The manner of the defeat led to Cellino suggesting that the English manager was to depart the club to sources close to him.


11 thoughts on “Leeds To Turn To Record Breaking Italian Manager – Reports”

    1. malky Makay best left alone along with the other out of work ex chamionship managers, the’re out of work because 95% are on the gravey train merry go round

      1. absolutely spot on,the gravy train has been stopping at ER for a few years now,an owner has come in and saved the club and it is time to get behind him,of course he will make mistakes but a club on a sound footing is worth a lot these days,as for the supporters so you have had a bad time so look forwards and stop all the griping MOT

        1. Well said. Let’s see what the defeatests have to say about this. I don’t care if the entire squad is Italian as long as they come good. Don’t forget, these guys will be desperate to make an impact what with the European Championship etc. Bring it on. MOT

  1. dh taxi asp midfield lost every 50 50 ball not fighting not linking with forwards no runners not creating any chances mc must make the only decision and sack mr shockaday

  2. Playing failures like Austin, Tonge and Murphy over and over again will only breed complacency in those three underperformers, and resentment in the other midfielders – of which their is a multitude – in the squad.
    Massimo’s brought all these imports in and Dave’s picking last year’s midfield (which was no good).

  3. He’s picking Austin Murphy and Tonge because the lads that have been brought in are from the local youth club with no experience of English football. I dought if they even know each other. Bringing in a new face takes time to bed in so what’s it going to be like with six or seven .

    1. When I was a young lad there were some brilliant circuses. Look, sit down, calm down and think for one minute what it would be like if Cellino had not come along. There would be no club, no Leeds. I don’t like this one bit on the pitch but if a guy is willing to sink money into a club, pay off debts, pay wages and buy back our stadium do you think he is going to watch the team drop into oblivion? No. He said himself he knows nothing about English football, but know what, he is beginning to find out and sooner or later the penny will drop. Alex Ferguson would have a problem here, look at Moyes he was damn good at Everton. Forget promotion, forget the playoffs. This season is about laying down foundations, building, inspiring confidence creating a workable strategy, do that and everything will fall into place. Three decent wins can catapult you right up the table.I’m just glad we still have LUFC,I could not imagine life without them.

      1. Spot on. Couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly. There are so many new faces, players & management, it will take time to get sorted out properly. We should sit back, & enjoy the ride & not have too many expectations just yet.

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