Napoli to make move for Tottenham’s Lamela

@awinehouse1 According to Carlo Laudisa of La Gazetta dello Sport, Napoli are set to make a move for Erik Lamela of Spurs in the summer. Lamela has largely disappointed since signing for Spurs, failing to make much of an impact under either Andres Villas Boas or Tim Sherwood. Sherwood barely used Lamela after his initial disappointing displays. Despite his position as the player responsible for Spurs’s largest ever transfer outlay, it seems likely that he will depart the club this summer. Napoli are offering him a route away from England, with Rafael Benitez keen to bring him to the club on loan ahead of their upcoming Champions League campaign. It is not known whether Mauricio Pochettino sees a future for Lamela at Spurs, but his future may rely on the whims of Director of Football Franco Baldini, who brought him to the club. Baldini may seek to save face by insisting that Pochettino give the £30m man an opportunity next season.


6 thoughts on “Napoli to make move for Tottenham’s Lamela”

  1. Sherwood largely failed to use Lamela after initial ‘disappointing’ displays (that weren’t that disappointing, actually) because, believe it or not, he had quite a serious injury.
    I suspect this is a story ‘fed’ by Napoli to led the Lamela party know they are interested in the hope that they will agitate 🙂

  2. Seems like you only have to pick a random Tottenham player and insist that Napoli is interested to be a sports journalist nowadays..

  3. SP is exactly right – ridiculous comment that he was hardly used. It’s like saying Rodriguez will leave Southampton because he has been “hardly used” since he tore his ligaments in April!

    I can’t see many clubs willing to pay £30m for Lamela, and I can’t see us wanting to sell for less. He’s young (which Poch likes), and if Baldini / Levy weren’t absolutely convinced he’s got it in him to become world class, we wouldn’t have spent £30m on him in the first place.

  4. Lamela needs a chance, you are correct he had a serious injury, also coming to a new country on your own at 21 not speaking the language and leaving family behind can be very daunting. I have had faith in him since day one, he will be someone to watch this season believe!

  5. Bang on, he looked good when he did play but got injured. Even without injury a young player needs time especially if they are in a new country, look at Bale, accepted in new country terms he was already here and Wales/England no real diff but time he did need !!!

  6. What a load of twaddle. Any random Spurs player on any given day/week is either off to Roma, Milan, Inter or Napoli not to mention a number of other clubs in this country and the remainder of Europe. Complete BS as per usual with all things concerning Spurs, usually sprouted in either the Daily Fail or Daily Star eagerly followed by the sheep masquerading as ITK blogs. A note worth mentioning is that you should do some research before committing to writing instead of cutting and pasting tripe. Lamela was lightly used largely because he has been injured for much of the season and communication was an issue as he spoke very little English apart from the words “thank you” On the few occasions he was fit, he was not a disappointment. If mugs like you think that Spurs having spent so much on a player is go sell him without him having kicked a ball in anger for an entire season, then you must be living in cloud cuckoo land much like the Italians generally do and another thing, the Italian clubs mentioned above, haven’t got a pot to piss in and cannot possible match £30M Spurs would definitely demand were they to even contemplate selling him so soon.

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