Leeds United: New home kit revealed

Macron and Leeds United have revealed the new home kit for next season, which features a baffling stripe down the centre of the otherwise all-white strip.

Modelled by Rodolph Austin below, the shirt has received a very negative response from Leeds fans on twitter.


The shirt goes against what fans have been demanding for months, which is a standard all-white kit. It can be said that it is very easy to design a good Leeds shirt, but also very easy to ruin one completely.

In the future, it would be worth noting that little is needed in the way of incremental improvement. Leeds fans will likely purchase an all white shirt over and over, as long as it is nice.

It feels ludicrous saying it, but even a return to the 2010/11 home kit would be a vast improvement.

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8 thoughts on “Leeds United: New home kit revealed”

  1. Noooooooooooo!!! Who agrees to these atrocious designs. It is NOT on! Leeds United play in White. Would Real Madrid dump a white stripe down their kit? Less trim colours not more. Swansea’s kit of last season was closer to a Leeds Kit than this rubbish. It’s not worth a tenner never mind the £40 that they expect people to pay for half the season. Simply awful!

  2. I think a campaign should be put together using the power of the fans. Stop this kit before they put it into mass production. Use LUST to support the stop the kit. Who ever’s in charge? Lass is more!! White all the way!!

  3. Shocking. I am not a fashion expert. I would think that Leeds United, Macron and the arabs are very interesting in maximum kitsales. With this kit, well, shorts and socks are ok, the shirt will not find it’s way to my body. Even the XXXkite kit is a classic compared to this.

    Even if it hurts to hurt my club, I will support IanLeeds’ campaign.

  4. unless I’m very much mistaken, did’nt Chelski have a kit very similar to this a few seasons ago? Are we also going to be singing ‘one man went to mow’ next season?

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