Leeds United: Warnock’s treatment of Chris Dawson on Saturday

Neil Warnock did a lot wrong on Saturday, whether it be his team selection or his treatment of Tom Lees, a shining light of our team, after the young man’s sending off. Ultimately Leeds succumbed to a 3-0 loss against the well-below mid-table Ipswich, and Chris Dawson sat on the bench.

You may ask why that is important. Elsewhere in the country, Nottingham to be exact, the U18s were winning 7-2, securing their title in March, having completely and utterly run away with the league over the course of the season, doing exactly what Leeds teams never do, and winning the title without a traditional end of season collapse. This was a crowning achievement in a great season for Redfern and Naylor’s boys, and their apparent best player wasn’t even among his peers.

Chris Dawson was pulled away from his team mates, the people he has grown up alongside, unable to celebrate winning a title alongside those he has grown as a footballer with. He did so in order to sit on the bench in Ipswich and not get used, as Ryan Hall sat in the stands, unused, equally able to sit on the bench. Chris Dawson, a future talent, by all accounts, wasn’t even used, and was taken away from being given the just reward for a quality season with the U18s, without even being given the first team appearance he should ┬áhave been.

Dawson has sat on the bench repeatedly, unused. It was always going to end the same way on Saturday. Neil Warnock has done the wrong thing. Again.

Just another con in an ever expanding list.

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14 thoughts on “Leeds United: Warnock’s treatment of Chris Dawson on Saturday”

  1. Rubbish.. What has brown Norris and barney done to justify a spot in the team. The season is over, it was weeks ago. Clear out the dead wood that includes the manger, play 50% of the U18 in every game for the rest of the season give the fans some hope, I wont be looking forward to the prospect of see brown next year but I certainly will be look forward to the next Burma and lees stepping into the first team…poleon should have been in the for months ahead of varney.

  2. Dawsons Reward in the 1st team is great news but warnock was wrong to just sit him on the bench when this lad has put so much effort into the team winning the league and should have been there to help them celebrate !

  3. Too much anti Warnock hysteria and a point to try and prove, I think! Dawson was perhaps glad to be sat on the bench waiting for his chance, rubbing shoulders with the first team and watching them in action. He is building up knowledge of the play and players. Warnock has said that he will use him before the end of the season, but he has to protect him as well. Warnock is not to blame for everything that happens, some responsibility yes, but can we cut out undermining him at every opportunity. Leeds were well on top of the game until Tom got red. He has been fighting for his place in the starting line up and was a bit over the top. He will learn. Warnock spoke the truth when he said Tom let the side down and he knows it. Now lets move on. If you want to right about something right about the board, the lack of money, the fact that Bates is still there, the broken promises, the failure to engage with the fans etc.

  4. The public humiliation of Tom Lees was dispicable yes the lad one wrong and yes it cost us the game but he in my mind has been one our brightest hope this season… Warnock an excellent man manager (yeah right) Ever heard of a quiet word gaffer or is there an offer on the table for this boy….. beggars belief

  5. Totally correct Bluesman. Too many people are just ignoring every matter above Warnock… all the facts and issues you latterly state. GFHC haven’t any desire to progress this season, fact… or Warnock would have had another three quality men in when he wanted to buy them in January and was refused the money. As for Chris Dawson. I’m sure he would take the first team inclusion any day and I believe he will start in the match today. Best of… Chris.

  6. Oh for gods sake shut up some people are never happy so what if he wasnt with his team mates thats because he is fringes of first team and even if it was to sit on bench at least ge is almost their he has to take these opportunities and he has broken into match day selection at least how many of the u 18 s will realistically break through the y may have won the title so what it doesnt mean they will all come through and as for ryan hall what a waste of time he has proven he has being given chances and failed to take them so hopefully he will be gone next season

  7. Has warnocks family invaded this forum. If you don’t like this public critism of Warnock, don’t be a hypocrite..no one can criticise a man who has dismantled a team, replaced it with 10 extremely average players and got them playing the worst football we have seen at Leeds for many a year., a man who has from day 1 alienated players with his public critism; white, byram, becchio, McCormack, Lees – comon theme they r not in the Sheffield or Portsmouth gang. Did he slate Pearce off when sent off early in the season or brown and Norris for their lacklustre performances..the man is old school and the sooner he goes the better.

  8. the results and mistakes are plain to see for all. A manager should never publicly slag off a player and he’s now done that on a few occasions, the fault lies at his doorstep and no-one else. when a team are crap in every department it usually means the coach is crap too. Enough said.

  9. An article clearly written by a non footballer!! Ask chris Dawson if he felt joining up with the first team was reward for his performances and achievements this season in our under 18’s !!? He would take sitting in the stands , on the bench or even collecting the kit after training! Why? Because every youth team player only has aspirations to reach the first team !! And that’s exactly what happened? Are you suggesting a 2 min cameo at the end would have been better? It was about the experience of been involved he will no doubt get playing time very soon! But do us all favor don’t bother commenting unless you understand yourself!! Clearly you don’t ! But hey don’t take my word for it ask Chris Dawson !!!

  10. A manager should never publicly criticize any player but especially one so young just embarking on his career. The is man management of the worst kind. Warnock has stuck with his men brought in and yet Poleon who did well was given the cold shoulder and sent to his favourite club. Another player who got into the first team before Warnock arrived was also sent away for the season…..young Zak. He might have been like Byram and come along and starred in games. Let the old men go and bring in the youth with one or two wise heads for the final few games.

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