Newcastle United: No retrospective punishment for McManaman

In a genuinely ludicrous decision, the FA have decided not to apply any sort of retroactive punishment on Callum McManaman for his tackle on Haidara at the weekend.

Television replays showed the horror nature of the lunge, with Haidara being struck on the knee by the studs of the Wigan youngster.

Replays also showed that referee Mark Halsey’s view was impeded by distance and another player, and therefore the assumption was that the FA would punish the player after the event. It was assumed Halsey hadn’t seen the tackle clearly. It has since been revealed the FA couldn’t punish McManaman as one of the match officials had seen the tackle, but not the full extent of it.

Whilst Wigan chairman Dave Whelan described the tackle as “clean as a whistle”, the response elsewhere has been completely different, and many have seen Whelan’s comments as farcical.

With the FA not punishing McManaman retroactively, questions have to be asked of Halsey, who has made a string of poor decisions since his return from illness last season. His placement for the lunge was questionable, his view impeded by another player. His officiating team also do not come out of the affair scot free.


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