Leeds United: Leeds held for sale by GFH Capital, negotiations ongoing

Reuters have today reported the fact that GFH Capital’s end of year financial statement clarifies the fact that Leeds United is being held for ‘active sale’ by the finance house.

Spoughts.co.uk are happy to report that for many weeks we have been made aware of the fact that GFH Capital are in negotiations to sell the club. For the majority of that time there were aims to sell a minority on the part of GFH Capital, but negotiations are ongoing and the situation changes regularly. It is likely that the situation has changed and that a majority sale is being sought by both parties.

GFH Capital is currently planning to sell “its stake” in Leeds, according to the financial statements, which suggests a sale of, at the very least, a majority.

The deal has been agreed in principle for a good while, but there is still a need to sign off on it.

Spoughts has chosen to keep the names of those myriad parties involved quiet for the good of the deal and the football club, with the belief of this website being that a quiet and speedy resolution is the ideal, despite the potential to drive traffic to the website by naming names. This information has been kept quiet for many weeks now by the website and will remain so until there is a desire on the part of the parties to reveal all.

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9 thoughts on “Leeds United: Leeds held for sale by GFH Capital, negotiations ongoing”

  1. all this “knowledge” reported by reuters (regurgitated) is old news! The statement was on the books 4 weeks ago! why add to the frenzy????

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