Leeds United: I miss Luciano Becchio

Remember how glorious it was? The way he’d bring the ball down and scuttle slowly towards our own goal, protecting it with his stocky frame. Sometimes he’d fall down and we’d laugh, or cry, or howl, because we knew him so well and we knew that was what he did. Then he’d go up the other end of the pitch after someone had done something for him and the ball would be in the net. That would be enough. He’d come over to us and spend a good minute celebrating. He’d do various arm movements, he’d slide, and towards the end, he’d kiss the badge. I don’t begrudge him it.

You know who I’m talking about, right? He’s joined Twitter this week, or more accurately, he joined up on the 25th of January. His first tweet (and only prior to this week)? “I love Leeds united!!!!”. I don’t think he was lying.

The problem I have these days, now that he’s gone, is there’s no one to love. His problems only highlighted his incredible ability in front of goal. He was the perfect striker for a Leeds fan. He wasn’t of my era, but the best comparison I can make to the Argentine is Chapman. He was built to run and put an effort in and that he did, as much as people would call him lazy. The ball would end up in the net, somehow, someway, no matter which extremity was used, and in combination with which body shape. He could make falling over look gracious, as long as the ball moved forward and the net ruffled.

Over the last few weeks we’ve put in ‘better’ performances, and created more opportunities for the replacement to put away, but he hasn’t. The question then arises, why? Why didn’t we play like this when he was here? He was never a detriment before, to the Gradels, the Howsons and the Snodgrasses, all of whom did the work behind him. We used to play brilliantly with him in the team. A ruiner of performances he was not.

Imagine where we’d be if he was playing now, converting the chances we can now actually create. Any Leeds fan who sits there and repeats the mantra that could often be found on the forums and Twitter that he wasn’t good enough needs to reassess. We had a goalscorer, we had a hero, you don’t find them easily. We don’t have him anymore.

I miss Luciano Becchio.

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9 thoughts on “Leeds United: I miss Luciano Becchio”

  1. Bechio was on target to virtually guarantee 30 goals this season . To sell him was ludicrous – unless you wanted to pocket the change from the Morison deal .

  2. His agent said he wanted more money or he would leave. He wasn’t offered more money – he left. He obviously loves money more than Leeds United. Like most Leeds fans, I admired Becchio for the qualities you describe in your article and his loyalty – up to the point where he left to warm the bench at our parent club, Norwich. However, there are better forwards out there – Woods, Billy Sharp, Charlie Austin, Glen Murray. If only our owners would put their hands in their pockets and show a little bit more initiative in the transfer market.

  3. Unfortunately we don’t have any incredible players at elland road anymore , but Becchio was more credible than anybody else . He wasn’t responsible for us not being top six like schmichael wasn’t responsible for us shipping goals . We have a system where we replace players with lesser players and then have the management try to blag us that everything’s going to plan . Unfortunately the plan is to squeeze every last quid out of the elland road cashcow . Shirts they can’t sell for a tenner ! Oh yeah !

  4. I’d take Morrison anyday. His link up play with Varney and Mccormack is 10 times that of Becchio’s. Having watched him week in week out since Becchio’s arrival, i’d say I was more confident with our strike force now.

  5. I always believed that we played better with Luciano in the team than when he was missing. The odd times when he was brought on as a sub you could see a difference, he was the classic hold it up guy the ball would stop coming back as quick as it was cleared out of defence. To say that he wanted the money, maybe he did but he was touted about by first Jones and then Warnock it was made clear to Luciano that he had to go, as it had to Howson before him. Who is next Byram, Lees, anyone who can bring in a fee?

  6. I can only presume you dont go to the games pal . Becchio couldn’t run , couldn’t pass and couldn’t trap a bag of cement . He scored 8 goals from open play . Not Incredible . I go home and away and am delighted he has gone , we now have eleven players who can play , which is why we are playing better football . Nor rocket science r kid .

  7. Howson touted?! If we can’t meet someone’s wage demands or they have amibtion to play Prem football that we can’t provide yet, then yes we should let them go and get some cash before their contract runs out and they leave anyway. I could imagine the uproar if Snoddy/Becchio/Howson etc etc left on a free. Can’t win with fans these days.

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