Leeds United: Time to go, Neil. Has the United manager’s tenure reached a premature conclusion?

By Jack Bennett.

It was only around a year ago that the city of Leeds had mustered some new-found positivity on hearing the news that veteran manager and promotion specialist, Neil Warnock, would be Leeds United’s new manager. There was a sense of genuine optimism that had previously been lacking, due to a combination of on and off-field factors that had left the white faithful disillusioned and disjointed. Despite an uncertain league position and the play-off spots slipping from grasp, some fans even put speculative bets on promotion. It seemed that things were finally looking up, after ten years of turmoil.

Fast-forward twelve months, and the club is seemingly in no better condition than it was when Warnock took over. With forty-one points from twenty-nine games, the Whites are looking unlikely to muster a late play-off push, and another season has once again slipped by, one that will be regarded as yet another missed opportunity. Despite the 63-year-old’s claim that he is ‘doing a good job’, the Leeds fans have been angered and frustrated by his poor tactics and team selections, ignorance, and even nonchalance at the club’s disappointing league position. Having brought in a multitude of players – many of them from his previous clubs – at the start of the season, the manager can have no complaints about a playing squad he has assembled.

Although Leeds reached the League Cup fifth round, where they were beaten comfortably by a strong Chelsea side, and beat Tottenham Hotspur last week to reach the FA Cup fifth round, the club’s lifeblood – its fans – have been loud in their criticism and disapproval of Warnock’s tenure, clearly and understandably angry at the way their club is being run and managed. Another season of disappointment has been a bitter pill to swallow for the fans, whose happiness at the takeover news in November quickly being ousted by continuing poor results on the field and a swathe of unproven signings in January.

In essence, Leeds have reached a crossroads. By sacking Warnock and bringing in a young manager with fresh hunger for success, the club would be able to plan ahead for next season, refresh the squad, and make a concerted effort for promotion. The flip side is, of course, to continue with Warnock in charge – although he may well choose to leave in May – and seemingly go round in circles further, with outdated tactics and a penchant for signing former players, many of whom are past their use-by date.

This is a time of great change for Leeds United, and I only hope that GFH-C make the right decision in taking this great club forward, rather than leaving it to stagnate.


8 thoughts on “Leeds United: Time to go, Neil. Has the United manager’s tenure reached a premature conclusion?”

  1. To even think about play offs we need to win the next 4 games, 12 points nothing less.
    If we don’t achieve that, if the play offs are out of sight come end of February then NW should resign or be sacked.


  2. I agree with you Jack. Since last November Neil Warnock has lost his way and become arrogant and defensive in his attitude towards constructive critism. He has changed the team too often, got his tactics and formations wrong and for some reason has been unable to attract the quality players that we need. I accept that the owners may be partly to blame for this as they may be reluctant to release sufficient cash. I would like to see Gus Poyet take over or someone who aspires to the Barcelona model, who plays passing 2 touch football

  3. This would be a more sensible article to post at the end of the season. Try and show a bit more patience and see how it all pans out. Promotion is not our god given right – it takes time and patience. Spend, spend, spend might do it, but do we really want to go down that route again. Every financially incompetent club since the Ridsdale era has been described in the media as ‘doing a Leeds United’. The constant negativity and whining by some fans at the moment is strangling the life out the club.

  4. Ridiculous article considering this is the most optimistic time to be involved with Leeds this season. The club have done well bringing in players and securing new contracts this transfer window, while cup progress has surpassed any fan’s expectations. Relatively speaking, a win in the game in hand will take Leeds to 7th place, 1 position from the play-offs. Not to mention we ran league leaders Cardiff ragged last week – 64/46 home possession – and were unlucky not to get anything from the game. Warnock has done wonders with the squad that started this campaign, and with Man Citeh on the horizon he should be given a chance, and another one after that.

  5. Totally agree with On and On! Any such witch hunt and rabble rousing should be left until Season is over. I find you totally negative mr swine house as previously stated. At this time with new people on board, new signings, window shut and still just a couple of wins off the play offs. My advice to you is get behind your team feck off to your pseudo journalistic hole along with your blowing bubbles mate.

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