Latest Leeds Transfer News from Assistant Manager Mick Jones, regarding Byram, Becchio and Transfer fees

Jones, speaking in his capacity as Assistant Manager after the Birmingham match, has updated fans on the progress regarding transfers:

Apparently there are four positions that need strengthening, which sounds about right to us. Assuming it must be striker, which is public, the wings and the center of midfield.

No decisive progress with transfers as of yet.

Jones fearful about bids for Becchio and Byram during January, but remains positive. 

“If Man Utd come in and offer £10m for Sam Byram, you can’t turn that down. He’s going to leave.”

However, Mick Jones expects both Byram and Becchio to stay, despite the fact that the club will have to fend off bids for them. Feels a shift from previous policy where it was apparently impossible to retain any player ever.

Jones also claimed that other clubs are inflating prices when Leeds make contact with them. Our own analysis thinks this may be due to a high profile takeover that has not necessarily revealed its financial clout one way or another.

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10 thoughts on “Latest Leeds Transfer News from Assistant Manager Mick Jones, regarding Byram, Becchio and Transfer fees”

  1. So that would be Tonge, and Thomas and 2 others then. In truth we need a left back, striker, creative midfielder, central defender with pace and another winger.I.e. 5 positions. None .of the loanees really fit rhe bill.

  2. never as they have no money to spend on players, it amazes me when leicester can buy chris wood, and have him playing new years day, but we get nobody, and the only good news if u can call it that is alan tate has signed till the end of january what good is that, we should let him go and go buy a decent center back with a bit of pace, a left back which are so in need of and a playmaker in midfield, and a winger. But seen as we got no money we are not gonna get any of the above.

  3. Yes he is got us close to playoffs with no money so yes giv him time people to quick to throw a good manager out remember when we went to leauge 1 when we thought we should be up ther and sackd blackwell and got relagated so in warnock we trust

  4. yes remember leeds fans that we are the biggest club in the we have to put up with this bull..are we going to buy some serious players or buy 34 and 35yr olds.just to see us through untill the end of the season..same old leeds…stay up give out the same crap next year………super leeds marching on together.

  5. To say birmingham had a second string team out today we still could not beat them. I dont know what the management team are drilling in to our players but we are just not creative enough its always the long ball game which is very dull and boring , no wonder the crowds are disappearing.I see that Jamille matt scored again for Kidderminster why aren’t we looking at him. And finally I don’t think Mick Jones should be making it known that certain players in our team should be playing in the premiership’ is he trying to get us money for us to compete with the likes of Leicester Forest Cardiff .

  6. this is my point lets get young legs in mid field and if you supply the likes of beccio we are destined for the premier league lets not bullshit marching on together.leeds forever

  7. i have followed leeds for 44yrs and it just kills me to know everyone can buy players and we cant. loyalty is a to way thing leeds must stop mugging the true fans . and tell them the truth. there is no money and there is going to be no new players comming in . gfh is hoping for leeds youth team to develope within 3yrs and use them to try and take us back to PL. so plz dont be upset theres no money no new players . you will see january transfer nothing happening.

  8. Whatever money Neil Warnock is given to spend during the January transfer window, he knows the squad badly needs to bring in fresh blood. Leeds United’s problem this season has been their defence so quality defenders are a must.

    If they want to get back in the Premier League, their players must learn to defend as if their lives really depend on it. Hungry players makes a successful team. Another thing is why isnt Mr. Warnock and his scouting team looking for talent in the lower divisions?

    There are much better players in the lower divisions (and non-league) than what you see in the Championship or even Premier League. The squad clearly lacks strength and depth and Warnock needs to add approximately 8 new faces to give Leeds at least a fighting chance of promotion. If not this season, then hopefully next.

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