Leeds United/GFH Capital Takeover Press Conference Details and Build-up

The 21st of December will likely go down in Leeds United history, as a press conference scheduled for 11am today is assumed to be announcing the takeover by GFH Capital of the club. Available live on the in-house, Pravda copying, propaganda spewing LUTV and Yorkshire Radio (I can’t genuinely believe I am willingly linking to that), the baying journalistic hordes will likely be mining every detail (as will the fans) for comparison with Bates’s press conference from 2005:

It is worth noting that a vast majority of Bates’s promises and statements have since proven to be false or, at the very least, optimistic in the extreme. Experienced Bates watchers will find this to be no surprise.

GFH Capital should be monitored with the same stringent eye, and each word will be considered thoroughly before an analysis is posted on Spoughts.co.uk in the afternoon. Although, humans being humans, it will only be in retrospect and with the power of hindsight that we will know the full story.

Before we leave you to enjoy the press conference, here’s what we had to say about the Takeover on the 25th of May, one day before any of the mainstream press (including the Yorkshire Evening Post, etc.) had posted any information.

“We could be on the cusp of an honest, truthful, real, actual, factual, natural, understandable, takeover. In my guise as a fake writer about football, I jaunt around town in a trilby with a card saying ‘press’ stuck in it. I keep an ear to the ground for any undercurrents of information. I’ve heard relatively concrete rumours that Ken Bates may be on his way out […] I’m even withholding some information that I feel doesn’t need to be proliferated, on the basis that the rumours one can find seem enough to speculate upon…”

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